Lessons from a Year of Business Consulting

I am quite pleased that my fledgling venture, Advisory and Consulting Services LLC, has reached its first birthday.  The indicators are positive, and figuring out how to scale the business is what keeps me awake at night.  A good problem to have! During my first year, I’ve worked with business owners and executives to enhance […]

Pearls for Small Business

We’ve all  heard the phrase “pearls of wisdom”.  Sometimes, a person gives you a pearl but you don’t recognize it. You toss it in a drawer and forget about it.  Then, years later as you are searching for an answer, you find it again under a couple of decades of junk that’s piled up on […]

Sustainability, Growth, and Letting Go

Those who have had the experience of working with me as their manager, know I am an unabashed control freak. Delegation is an issue with me.  Quick decisions are also not a strong point; I tend to be analytical and extend decision making. (I am sure I have many other weaknesses, but we’ll save those […]

Watching The Snow Fall (subtitled “When did THAT happen?”)

Being a “low-maintenance” kind of guy, I wear my hair – or what’s left of it – short.  I tell the barber “2 on the sides, 3 on top, no sideburns, and block the back”.  So haircuts are a pretty simple affair.  I have no doubt that a skilled barber could cut my hair in […]

Busy, and Getting Nothing Accomplished – Simple Tip For Sales and Recruiting

As a sales person or recruiter (or pretty much anything else for that matter!), the most precious resource you have in your quest to compete and win is time. It never ceases to amaze me how we all squander time and then complain about how “busy” we are.  Even folks that are strong at time management […]

You Are Just As Talented Today As You Were Yesterday – Maybe Even More Talented

“The new CEO wants his own people in place.” “Your position is being eliminated.” “We are relocating your job.  You have the option to move…” It is a virtual certainty that all of us will hear one of the phrases above – or some variation – during our careers. Leaving a job on anything but […]


Last week I had lunch with a business associate.  This small business owner wanted to talk about about “employee engagement”, and how to make it happen.  Of course, I started asking questions. – What did he mean by “employee engagement”? – What would be the signs to him that it was happening? – Why does […]

Using the Tools In Your Toolbox

My professional background encompasses a variety of roles and disciplines: Sales, Operations, Leadership, Consulting, Delivery, Project Management, etc.  These cross-discipline experiences provide a great foundation to look at situations from multiple perspectives, and come up with approaches that go beyond what is asked to what is needed. I am not alone in this.  We all have worked […]

Your A-Team Isn’t Performing. Duh…

I recently had lunch with a colleague, a business owner, who commented that his team’s productivity and  seems to have dipped in performance. He stated they had become lazy and complacent, and wanted to shake things up, to get their attention.  He wanted to know my thoughts on what do do, should he change the […]

Gen Y Replacing the Boomers – Are You Ready?

I am working with a client to assist with hiring a new staff professional for her organization.  This particular client is about my age and a “baby boomer” by all measures.  She is specifically looking for talent that can ultimately contribute to the succession of current leaders in the organization, and is specifically looking for […]