How I Spent My Summer Vacation – Work Related?

I just returned from vacationing for 8 days or so in Lincoln, NE. Lincoln is not exactly a hotspot resort destination for the general public, but it is a mecca for a group of auto racing drivers.

To get a flavor for what motivates 1,200 or so drivers from all over the country to spend a week or more in Nebraska, check out

My experience is at

Why bring this up?

There are passions that drive all of us and provide balance in a world full of activity. This is one of the passions in my world.

In my mind, the true definition of recreation is the activity that takes you away from your regular life, where you spend “me time”, and do things that bring inner satisfaction. For some, recreation involves high energy and intense activities. For others, recreation is more introspective, thoughtful, calm. I am sure there are some deep psychological reasonings behind why some choose yoga and others choose mountain climbing.

For me, it is pretty easy. As a 6 year old, the guy next door had a ’57 Bel Air that he was all the time working on, and I was the kid hanging around. Since then, I’ve always had an interest in things mechanical and racing.

The thing to remember is to remember is to make time for the passions you have. If you don’t, your world will be consumed with everyone else’s priorities instead of your own.