Light the Fire Within!

A good friend of mine from high school is Tom “Tommy” Angelo. Tom is one of the most intelligent people I know and gave up a college degree in Aeronautical Engineering (aka “Rocket Science”) to pursue his passion with music and poker. Today, he is a very successful poker player and coach, author, and I am sure still pretty good on the piano and drums.

He has a recent post on his blog that I found quite timely and thought provoking:

Timely because I just attended a show by one of my musical favorites. Thought provoking because as the years move on I find I still get turned on and jazzed about the old stuff that I always have, PLUS the new interests I’ve picked up over the past 10 or 15 years.

We need to re-acquaint and remind ourselves of these things, and keep the fires burning that really bring passion to our lives. The demands of modern life pull us in so many directions we sometimes forget about ourselves. Spend a little personal time and get re-acquainted with your old passions and interests. It pays big dividends in your overall happiness.