Pursuing Dreams / Achieving Goals

I started to title this “Pursuing Dreams”, but I didn’t particularly care for the title. “Pursuing Dreams” implies trying to reach for something that isn’t real, that is a figment of your imagination and conscience, something that will never really happen.

What brought this on is the recent accomplishments of friend and motorcycle racer, Pete Cline. Pete has raced bikes at the amateur level for 15 years or so, and has achieved multiple regional championships and numerous victories. By any standard measure, he has had strong success. Yet, he’s also one of those folks that has been just on the cusp of being able to make it to the professional ranks, and probably would have made it if a couple breaks had fallen his way.

Pete made his dream a goal, and executed the steps needed to get there. I got involved with him several months ago, advising on his sponsorship proposals and how to fund this effort. From there, he pursued numerous avenues, and creatively involved the Wounded Warrior project in his race team.

The end result is that Pete competed in the AMA Pro Racing XR1200 race over the past weekend, in front of 50,000 spectators and hundreds of thousands more via television coverage. He turned his dream into a goal, and executed the steps to achieve it.

Too many of us envision where we want to be, our “dreams” if you will, and never take the step of turning our dreams into goals. We treat them simply as things we want to happen, and over time, the dream becomes dulled and we give up on it.

In fact, we all have the ability to turn our dreams into goals, and set a path that will take us there. We all have the power. It is a matter of conviction and execution.

Make it happen.

For more on Pete Cline, Team Ohio, and the Wounded Warrior Project, go to http://www.facebook.com/TeamOhioRacing and http://youtu.be/whzpTdjYHR8