sales & recruiting consulting

It’s easy to recognise that sales and recruiting are not working.  New reqs aren’t coming in.  Positions aren’t getting filled. It feels like there’s no energy in your office. 

The question is why?  It’s easy for sales and recruiting to point fingers at one another, but that solves nothing and creates its own set of issues.



How We Do It

Many staffing industry consultants will start with the solution: training is needed, a new candidate management system, maybe more prospecting.   

Challenges around sales and recruiting are often inextricably linked, and the right solution depends on the root causes behind lack of performance. The good news is the metrics and data inherent in operation of the business gives insight into what’s behind a lack of performance, and what needs done to address it.

Whether challenges are perceived as “sales” or “recruiting”, we look at both to understand the dynamics involved:

  • Sales:  Number and type of meetings; new business activity; reqs generated and source / quality; manager relationships; closes per month; etc.
  • Recruiting: New candidates and sources; number of submittals; time to submit; submit to interview ratio; interview to offer ratio; offer to start ratio; closes per month; etc.
  • Cross impacts:  As mentioned, sales and recruiting are linked.
    • Are certain sales people more effective with certain recruiters, and vice versa?  What about certain clients?
    • If the volume of new reqs is there, where are things breaking down?
    • If the volume isn’t there, then why?


From here, the right decisions can be made on how to address.  Maybe the answer is better techniques yielded by training and coaching. Or, it could be communication channels are broken, and formal process needs put in place.