Search For The Champion Within

A friend of mine, Pete Cline, is an active and avid motorcycle racer who has had a fair degree of success in the sport of motorcycle road racing. Getting to know Pete and getting familiar with his activities has prompted me to think of my own goals and striving to be the best.

Pete put a video together for a contest sponsored by Champion Spark Plug Company, and it is quite impressive:

In the video, Pete asks a number of questions related to “What defines a champion?”:

– Is it the wins and losses? We can all point to situations where a “winner” does not garner our respect.

– Is it setting aside self interest to support the good of all? Certainly champions make those around them better.

– Is it the way a person acts humbly in accepting victory and graciosly in defeat? That’s part of it.

All of us have the opportunity to be champions. With our families and loved ones. At work. In our hobbies and interests.

What does being a champion mean to you? Define it, and strive to be that person in at least one aspect of your life.

It could be contagious.

PS – Vote for Pete!