Our guiding principle with Search is:

“We never sell a candidate to a position, and we never sell a position to a candidate.  It’s all about the match.”

You are struggling finding a person for your organization, as traditional sourcing hasn’t yielded the right candidate.  This is when you need to engage an expert.

How We Do It

First, we work to understand what the job description doesn’t say: 

  • What the team and environment is like? What kind of folks fit in? What kind of folks succeed?  What kind of folks struggle?
  • What are some of the things a person will do day to day? 
  • What’s cool about the job?  What’s not cool about the job?


We then take this insight and use it formal screening. We perform multiple levels of screening to cover the basics so you spend your time on the truly critical elements of hiring: organizational and professional fit. 

You receive all of our screening notes, unfiltered, at candidate submission, along with our thoughts on fit: what we like about the candidate for the role,  where we think the candidate will be challenged.  Plus, all the normal stuff like desired salary, other job search activity, availability, etc.  Sample Candidate Submittal’s below.

We then work with you through YOUR hiring process, coordinating interviews, providing insight, assisting with negotiations, ensuring readiness to accept an offer, etc. 

It’s not over when the offer is accepted. We coach the candidate on how to resign in a professional manner. What to do if a counteroffer is made.  We stay in touch to ensure commitment and follow up upon start.

Where We Excel

We have over 30 years of recruiting in Information Technology, but we’ve found that our approach applies to numerous fields.  We’ve had success in:

  • Accounting (Public and Private) and Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Technology Sales
  • Staffing Sales and Recruiting