Business Coaching

Team / Individual Coaching

51% of companies ‘consider coaching as a key part of learning development’ and ‘crucial to their strategy’, with 90% reporting that they use coaching as a part of their success strategy.

Successful organizations are made up of teams with individuals performing at their personal best toward a well-defined organizational strategy. This happens with consistent care and motivation, with the ability to discuss & resolve challenges that affect team members and the teams as a whole.

Executive Coaching

With the success of a business as their primary responsibility, executives are under pressure to perform at optimum levels. Executive Coaching can transform that pressure into success!

Executive coaching is designed to help facilitate professional and personal development to the point of individual growth and improved performance. I work with my clients towards specific professional goals with an emphasis on leadership training and organizational change that comes from top-down excellence.

Individual Coaching

Similar to executive coaching, but geared toward mid-level management professionals, Individual Coaching can make transformational improvements in the key people in your organization. We explore how they fit into the organization as a whole, how they can and should contribute and how they can motivate and get the best out of their teams.

work with mid-level managers on strategies for goal formulation, time management, employee management and more.

Team Coaching

  • Set and fully align on goals
  • Work to a common team agenda
  • Hold individuals accountable like never before
  • Create a unified way of thinking and behaving
  • Have a safe atmosphere for healthy conflict
  • Build deep trust and understanding among the team
  • Work toward team goals with accountability and rewards for performance