Sales Model Development & Training

A company can have the greatest services and products in their market, but if they can’t sell to clients, they will certainly fail. Creating a great sales model involves end-to-end thinking with your specific business and clients in mind.

This sales model must be complete; from the top of the sales funnel all the way through execution, evaluation and follow-up.

Your sales model should be a fully documented checklist for how you will go about:

  1. Identifying Target Markets
  2. Prospects in Your Markets
  3. Converting Prospects into Warm Leads
  4. Communicating Your Value Proposition
  5. Closing Sales
  6. Follow Up: to create customer satisfaction and loyalty

It is important to spell out how prospecting will create opportunities to sell and how following the sales model will actually turn those opportunities into revenue. To further the success of your sales model, your sales staff must be on-board and invested in proper execution.

Business & Advisory Services has helped many companies define and execute effective Sales Strategies and assisted with the Sales Training Process.