When NOT To Use A Consultant (aka, “Keep the Simple Stuff In Mind”)

We have consultants for everything: career coaches, Life Coaches, spiritual advisors, personal trainers, golf coaches, business strategy consultants, sales consultants, etc. While an advisor can be of tremendous help, we have the power within ourselves to do much of the same analysis on our own.  My experience is that at the root of many challenges […]

The Sweetest Sound One Can Hear…

Those that know me also know one of my favorite sayings: “There is nothing so sweet as the sound of one’s own voice.” I am not the originator of this saying, but most certainly I have been known to get carried away in presentations and conversations on topics I am passionate about. But, this saying […]

Networking Tips

“Networking” is a topic all over the media for the past several years as a panacea for all of our professional and personal challenges: How to find a job Generating sales leads Finding help for home repair Getting a referral for a physician Like a lot of buzzwords, there are different interpretations of what networking […]

Paying Forward – Seeing Results

I had coffee a couple of weeks ago with good friend and career coach guru Janice Worthington.  Janice and I are both, let’s say, “seasoned professionals”, and part of our discussion was about what we want out of the next ten to twenty years of life and  careers. I told Janice that one of my motivators […]

Pursuing Dreams / Achieving Goals

I started to title this “Pursuing Dreams”, but I didn’t particularly care for the title. “Pursuing Dreams” implies trying to reach for something that isn’t real, that is a figment of your imagination and conscience, something that will never really happen. What brought this on is the recent accomplishments of friend and motorcycle racer, Pete […]

The Talent Mismatch – What To Do

Today an article concerning the “The Talent Mismatch“ appeared in the Columbus Dispatch. I offered some thoughts in the article, which deals with the phenomenon of relatively high unemployment coupled with an inability of employers to find suitable talent.  I posted the link on my Facebook page, and received a number of comments and questions.  These include: […]

College Grads – A Few Tips on Working Job Fairs

I just returned from a job fair at a mid sized university here Ohio. Overall, it was a great experience, and I was pleasantly surprised with the amount and level of talent that attended. Similarly, I was impressed with the number of companies that attended. According to the directory, there were over 100 companies, ranging […]

Search For The Champion Within

A friend of mine, Pete Cline, is an active and avid motorcycle racer who has had a fair degree of success in the sport of motorcycle road racing. Getting to know Pete and getting familiar with his activities has prompted me to think of my own goals and striving to be the best. Pete put […]

More Thoughts for College Grads and Soon To Be Grads

Jim Lane is a gent I have gotten to know, and really hit the nail on the head in a recent post in his blog: http://gbqueue.com/2011/06/08/lane-career-coaching-columbus/ The short story is that for the graduate or soon to be graduate to achieve their goals: Begin with the end in mind. What do you want to do? […]

How To Prep for An Interview: Basics for College Grads and Interns

I just completed interviewing and hiring for three entry level recruiter positions. The candidates I interviewed were generally fresh college graduates with intern or other light experience. I reviewed dozens of resume’s, conducted phone screens on sixteen (16) candidates, interviewed six candidates, and extended three offers. Of the sixteen, at least 10 had the skills […]