When you ask most search firms what they do, they will say “both contingent and retained search” as if that’s all there is.   

We know that our clients are looking for more than simply Search services, that they are looking for a partner who can integrate into their overall Talent Acquisition strategy, providing services and expertise that meshes with their specific situation.

How We Do It

Once you’ve with Advisory & Consulting Services to make a strategic hire, the relationship typically grows and encompasses additional positions.  However, quite often traditional Search services don’t scale appropriately to the need. 

This is where ACS gets creative.  Let’s talk about your business needs on an ongoing basis, and structure a talent acquisition model for ongoing partnership.  Workflow, budget, hiring patterns.

Models we’ve delivered include:

  • Talent Acquisition Partnering:  Have ongoing needs in a segment that you struggle hiring?  Let us focus on this talent while you leverage your team to deliver on your strengths. 
  • Ongoing Recruiting / Recruiting As A Service: As a smaller business, you may not have dedicated Talent Acquisition staff or exposure to best practices.  Results may be hit or miss.   We can be your Talent Acquisition department. Let’s work together on your hiring plan so we can source and screen proactively.
  • Sourcing:  Not getting response from ads or employee referrals?  Sometimes all you need is candidate flow.  We can uncover candidates and turn them over to you for managing through the rest of the process.


The key is to talk and understand what the core needs and challenges are, and then build the right solution, interaction model, and fee structure for the situation.

Where We Excel

ACS finds great success in working with agile, small to mid-sized firms where traditional search and staffing services have proved disappointing from a performance or budget perspective, or maybe both.

The ACS advantage is the ability to be creative and nimble, and scale to the appropriate size for these businesses. 

It all starts with understanding business needs, and then collaboratively building a model that delivers on talent and budget needs.   Let’s get to the root of things, and white-board a model and workflow that makes sense for the long run.