When NOT To Use A Consultant (aka, “Keep the Simple Stuff In Mind”)

We have consultants for everything: career coaches, Life Coaches, spiritual advisors, personal trainers, golf coaches, business strategy consultants, sales consultants, etc.

While an advisor can be of tremendous help, we have the power within ourselves to do much of the same analysis on our own.  My experience is that at the root of many challenges is a situation where we perhaps forgot or did not pay attention to the simple things, the basics of positive habits and personal interaction:

  • Why did that person react that way? Are they unreasonable or are there maybe considerations I did not take the time to uncover?
  • How come this medication for my blood pressure isn’t working?  Is it the wrong medication or perhaps I have lifestyle habits that are damaging?
  • Why does my teenager not talk to me?  Are they withdrawn or am I too quick to judge or maybe do not really understand their world?
  • Why do I have turnover in my staff?  Do people today not want to work or maybe how I lead them makes them feel unempowered?

Admittedly, this objectivity is often difficult to attain.   Simply getting to a frame of mind that enables us to be reasonably objective about our situations, especially when under duress, is a struggle.  However, we’ve all done it from time to time, and need to practice removing the clutter from our minds to gain clarity:

  • Sitting alone, in a quiet place.
  • Mediation and / or prayer according to ones beliefs
  • Reading a book and pausing.
  • A drive in the country with a stop at a cafe’ for coffee
  • Listening to audio books.
  • A walk

…or any other number of things.  Most of the time, we have the solution to our challenge within ourselves. We need to allow it to come to the surface.

There are times when we are limited by our own knowledge or skill or other resources.  We aren’t aware of options or solutions, or legitimately don’t have the time to think about it.  Recognize these situations, and turn to an advisor or mentor. This is when one can be of tremendous help, quickly cutting through the noise and distortion to get to the heart of the matter and providing a path to resolution.

It just shouldn’t always be where you turn first.