Paying Forward – Seeing Results

I had coffee a couple of weeks ago with good friend and career coach guru Janice Worthington.  Janice and I are both, let’s say, “seasoned professionals”, and part of our discussion was about what we want out of the next ten to twenty years of life and  careers.

I told Janice that one of my motivators is do do something of “social benefit or value”, something to make the world a slightly better place. Somewhat to my surprise, Janice replied, “You 50 somethings are all alike.  You all want to help the world!”.   She’s right as I have this same conversation with my contemporaries fairly often.

In my role as Managing Director for Experis, “paying forward” occurs during the normal course of business as we help folks find their next job and enable people to make connections to others as they navigate through the world of work. In my position as “Coach” in the TechColumbus CareerTrack program,  I am able to provide tools and techniques to folks who are looking to make their next career move, something most of us  learn through the school of hard knocks!

Engaging in a “Pay Forward” mentality and seeing the results is immensely rewarding, and helps make us see how our positive actions impact the world around us. Recent examples in my life, big and small:

– My neighbor’s wife, “Kesang”, is new to the country and coaching and guidance led to landing a great job. She’s received two promotions in six months.
– At a recent Career Track meeting, I presented  “Networking for the Introvert”.  “Bob” attended, and applied some of the techniques at his next event.  He walked out of it with four new connections and two follow up meetings.
– I received an email from “Nick”, a young professional in his second year of real estate. He had his biggest month ever and is looking at hiring his own team of folks.  He thanked me for advice I gave him a year ago on selling as it has been a cornerstone of his success.

I have been similarly blessed as the benefactor of the efforts of others’ good deeds, coaching, guidance, and favors. It all comes around.

Beyond the intrinsic rewards of helping out and seeing others flourish, there is business and professional benefit.  I have no doubt that at some point my path will once again cross directly or indirectly with those above, and the foundation of trust will be there that will enable us to collaborate.

We all have room for this in ways that may seem easy or small to us but collectively make a huge impact.  Make “paying forward” a habit, and enrich the lives of others as well as your own.

And, it makes our world a better place.