Networking for the Introvert

I participate as a coach in a program called “CareerTrack”. It is run by TechColumbus (, a organization that does a wonderful job of promoting the technology community and business here in central Ohio. The CareerTrack program provides services to job seekers in the technology market place to assist them in landing their next position. […]

Developing Your Personal Inventory

An observation from the past 30 or so years of my career is that fate has put me into very different jobs and roles. I have worked for different types and sizes of companies, and currently work for a company that is the second largest in its market space from a global perspective. What has […]

Creating A Career Tracking and Assessment History

Objective self assessment is a wonderful thing. The moments where we recognize our strengths and weaknesses can lead us to the most impactful learning we will ever experience. I had one of these moments a few years ago. I observed throughout my career that it always seemed that when I invested time in personal and […]

How I Spent My Summer Vacation – Work Related?

I just returned from vacationing for 8 days or so in Lincoln, NE. Lincoln is not exactly a hotspot resort destination for the general public, but it is a mecca for a group of auto racing drivers. To get a flavor for what motivates 1,200 or so drivers from all over the country to spend […]

Change…Then and Now

A bit off the path of regular business… I have been fortunate in my life and career in that at a very young and impressionable age I was introduced to Change. “Mr. C” as I sometimes call him made a brash and unannounced entry into my world when I was a lad of maybe 11 […]

Employment Outlook

My company, Manpower, has been producing this survey for 47 years, and it has proven to be an accurate assessment of the outlook for employment. Manpower US Pressroom To me, the most interesting aspect of this is that it reflects a general optimism, and is consistent what I see here in central Ohio. Clients are […]

10 Questions To Ask An IT Staffing Company Before Working With Them

Given so many technology folks are entering the contingent labor market for the first time in their careers, I am often asked “How should I decide on which firm or firms to work with?”. Here is a list of 10 questions and answers I provided to a friend recently. 1. Ask the recruiter / sales […]

Light the Fire Within!

A good friend of mine from high school is Tom “Tommy” Angelo. Tom is one of the most intelligent people I know and gave up a college degree in Aeronautical Engineering (aka “Rocket Science”) to pursue his passion with music and poker. Today, he is a very successful poker player and coach, author, and I […]

Using Your Resume’ To Turn Inquiries Into Interviews

A couple of quick items to help your resume’ turn inquiries into interviews. Catherine Lang-Cline and Kristen Harris at Portfolio Creative shared with me an old saying in the newspaper business: “Above the fold”. In newspaper terms, this means that to get the reader to open up the paper and read it, it has to […]

Managing Your Career and Compensation During Tough Economic Times

A friend of mine is senior analyst, skilled in Agile, formal business analysis techniques, and active in the professional community. She sent me the following note: “I’ve been having a conversation with my peeps about handling job offers/changes as the market picks back up. I think that in the bleak times, a lot of people […]